Skrillex Reveals A New Gesaffelstein Album Could Be On The Way Soon

gesaffelstein new album

Skrillex took to social media once again to share some news that had fans extremely excited, however this time is wasn’t about new music coming from him directly.

Sharing the news of a potential new album soon to cme from prolific french producer Gesaffelstein, Skrillex tweeted a picture saying “Gesaffelstein’s just played us his new album my gaaawd.”

Sharing a hazy picture along with the fact that he was rather mind blown after hearing Gessafelstein’s new album, Skrillex had EDM twitter excited to say the least.

While the last full length album to come from Gesaffelstein was back in 2019 when he dropped ‘Hyperion’ which featured a bunch of top tier collaborations like The Weeknd, Pharrell and many more. Since then, he has also collaborated with Kanye West on ‘Donda’ as well as a bunch of more composer and producer credits.

While no details have been revealed about what, when, why or who about the new album, rest assured we will be here to share any and all updates about new music coming from the Gessafelstein camp!

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