Now wake up to your favorite playlist on Spotify with the new Google Clock update!


Google is essentially known to make access to information easy for people. And now, Google is making it easy for everyone to set music via Spotify as their alarm sound in the Google clock application. This feature has been rolled out by Google on 31st July.

What is intriguing to note is that Google also has its own music streaming service i.e. Google Play music. However, they themselves are curious to see the response of the people on this integration with a competing platform. While Spotify and Apple Music are leading the streaming market now, this integration is, without doubt, a convenient integration for users of all Android devices.

Google Clock

How does one access this feature? People can connect their Spotify accounts to the clock application in their phones, and when the alarm rings, they can wake up to their favorite tunes. The best part about this update is that users on both Spotify Free and Spotify Premium can leverage this feature.

Once users are in the clock application, they will be able to choose from two tabs i.e. sounds and Spotify. On selecting Spotify, users can now choose their favorite music to wake up to. While choosing, users will be able to browse through recently played music, Spotify curated morning playlists and even search for a specific soundtrack of their liking.

google clock

You will notice in the image above two main playlists i.e. ‘recently played and selected’ followed by ‘rise and shine’ which is curated to make waking up in the mornings better. Apart from that, you can also use the search tool on the bottom right to search the Spotify library. After the alarm goes off, users can also choose to continue their listening experience with Spotify. Isn’t it wonderful that you can now start your day with your favorite playlist, right from the time you get out of bed!

This feature is set to roll out globally this week on play store and will be available on all devices running Android 5.0 Lollipop and above. Having said that, a report on 9to5Google also mentioned that YouTube music will soon be adding a similar Google Clock integration in the future.

While Google’s Clock app has seen very few updates, it has most definitely hit the sweet spot of all music lovers making this integration a reason enough for all Spotify users to start using the Google clock app. Have you tried it yet?

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