Mexico’s BPM Festival releases statement after 4 die and 12 are injured!


Multiple reports coming in suggest that gunshots have been fired at the BPM festival in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

At around midnight PST, a gunman entered Blue Parrot when Elrow’s closing party was going on. The identity of this gunman is still unknown.

According to reports, at least 8 rounds were fired at Blue Parrot. Earlier reports suggested that around 3-6 people were dead. However, the exact number of people injured or dead is not yet confirmed. The security at BPM stood up to protect the remaining people.

Initial reports also suggested shots were fired at 2 events. But, only the firing at Blue Parrot is confirmed. BPM has officially cancelled all events.

Below are some updates from Twitter.

Our thoughts go out to friends and families of all the victims. Stay tuned for more updates.

Header image courtesy: Evening Standard


Here’s the official statement from The BPM Festival.

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