Hardwell’s United We Are Foundation exceeds donation expectations for Mumbai charity concert


Following on from the initial goal of helping 3,000 underprivileged children from the slums go from childhood through to livelihood by providing them with a guaranteed education, Dutch dance music figure Hardwell and his United We Are Foundation has exceeded its donation expectations and today confirmed that over 20,000 children will benefit from the money generated by this large-scale charity concert.


In bringing funding and educational tools to the forefront of a social movement, the Mumbai show, that saw over 125,000 fans pre-register to secure a free place on Hardwell’s personal guest list, has begun to find support from partners and fans alike from around the world.

Leading on from already raising €50,000 at Hardwell’s incredible sell-out Germany World Club Dome show, with Hardwell being the first DJ to sell-out an arena, solo, in the country, the Foundation has now seen a serge of support since Hardwell opened the official pledge system to allow fans a chance to donate to the cause.

The United We Are Foundation co-founders Hardwell and Anna Knaup in association with India’s United Welfare Trust founder Shailendra Singh, hope that this aid event in support of children’s education will raise not just donations, but also much-needed visibility and awareness around the cause of youth education in India — and how vital this teaching is to make sure that these individuals find dignified livelihood options as they grow into adulthood. Without schooling, India’s 440 million children growing up in poverty have little or no way of developing the skills or resilience to find employment in the formal sector and a stable income, which, for a large majority of Indians, remains the only ticket out of extreme poverty.

All parities and contributing teams guarantee that all profits from the concert will be put back into the charity project with Magicbus and used to create the maximum impact possible towards the education of children in India. Ernst & Young, one of the world’s ‘Big Four’ accounting firms, will audit the event.

The UWAF pledge system will remain open until December 13th, we please ask that you show your support in this life-changing project: foundation.djhardwell.com/mumbai

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