Has Marshmello finally been unmasked?


We’ve all been wondering who the mysterious DJ Marshmello is. Though seems a few people may have uncovered the artist’s true identity.

Now going by the following theory (which does have quite some valid ground), Marshmello is none other than producer, Chris Comstock aka Dotcom!

We wouldn’t throw around the name now without photo evidence… Check it out:


Case closed? Not quite… but it is a compelling theory. What do you think? Till then here’s the DJ @ Ultra this past week:

Marshmello at Ultra Music Festival 2016 playing his Adele remix

I don't even think marshmellos can get goosebumps but i have them right now watching this. Thank you Ultra Music Festival for one of the most amazing experiences ever. The mellogang was definitely in the house, thank you all as NONE of this would be possible without your love and support. <3 video: 23fiftn

Posted by marshmello on Monday, March 21, 2016

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