Ibiza legend and founder of the iconic Pikes Hotel – Tony Pike, dies at 85

tony pikes death

You ask any dance music fan in the world what his dream party-destination would be and the immediate response comes – “Ibiza!”. Ibiza got its fame in the early ’70s because of the iconic Pikes Hotel founded by Tony Pikes.

Today, the 85-year-old Tony Pikes breathed his last after suffering from prostate and skin cancer for a long time.

It was in early 2018 that Pike had started a social media campaign to raise money for his dendritic cells therapy but eventually the campaign failed to reach its goal. He had sold his hotel to Ibiza Rocks in 2008, but also said, “People think I am a multimillionaire because the hotel is sold. The opposite is true”.

Pikes Hotel has been famous for infamous reasons! Yes, back in the day, it developed a reputation for hedonism and was often the playground for many rich and famous personalities including famous actors.

Most famous for being the filming location of Wham!’s 1983 hit “Club Tropicana”, the hotel was also largely in the news for being Freddy Mercury’s 41st birthday bash venue – which was one of the most lavish ones Ibiza has witnessed.

Pikes also recently released a memoir titled “Mr. Pikes: The Story Behind The Ibiza Legend”. We’re glad that this British-born Australian took the step of launching the party scene in Ibiza, which we continue to enjoy even today and at the same time, are gutted to hear the news of his death. We miss you, Mr. Pikes, rest in peace.

Pavan Kumar


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