ILLENIUM And The Chainsmokers Reunite In The Studio

the chainsmokers illenium

Earlier this week, ILLENIUM shared that he got a sneak peek into new music by The Chainsmokers and he couldn’t have sung its praises anymore.

He said it was “fkn fire af” and “extremely refreshing and timeless music.”


After their previous collaboration back in 2019 with “Takeaway”, as per a Twitter post by The Chainsmokers, who have finally begun releasing new music after a three-year hiatus, are back in the studio with ILLENIUM.

Speaking about the upcoming album to Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 in an exclusive interview after they announced their comeback, Drew Taggart said, “I think we were happy with our last couple albums, but we just didn’t feel that those songs were really like living up to what we really thought we were capable of. That wasn’t honoring of where we thought Chainsmokers could go. And we needed some time to just stop and chill.”

Further explaining how they refocused and got to work on the new album, he shared, “It incorporates all these sounds that we’ve loved from our entire lives of listening to music, and it’s exciting to press play… cultivating your creativity is one of the hardest things to do. And we landed back in that little wave and ever since then, I think we’ve been more inspired now than we have in the past four years. And so we’re excited to show everybody all the stuff we’re making.”

Last week the duo finally released new music after a three-year-long break when they dropped “High” from their upcoming album. While no concrete details like a date or even the name of the album have been released yet, it is tentatively said to be titled TCS4. It also remains unknown if an ILLENIUM collaboration is in the works and if it will be a part of this album, but a girl can hope, right?

Check out “High” below.

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