India’s popular DJ competition is back for a second year!

dj competition

UMM Circuit 2.0 is back! Executed by Submerge – India’s premier dance music company, UMM Circuit is back for a second year round to bring you ‘the next gen DJ contest’.

dj competition

Hailing on the success of its previous edition, UMM circuit 2.0, the DJ competition in association with UMM (a fashion brand from Future lifestyle group) will be held across 5 cities in India, namely Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Bangalore. Experienced mentors such as Nawed Khan, Rohit Barker, Skip, DJ Kan-I and Candice Redding will be a part of the jury picking finalists from each city for the competition.

The competition will be held in 2 Phases:

Phase 1 shall be submission of entries which will be from 5th August 2017 to 27th August 2017. In Phase 2, participants shall be selected on the basis of popularity (number of votes and shares) and through jury selection. These participants will be selected for the regional rounds happening from 2nd Sept to 23rd Sept. The top 5 participants from each region shall compete for the regional championship title. The winners of the regional championship will move on to the National final at Bangalore on the 7th Oct. (Travel and stay for the regional winners will be sponsored by UMM Circuit)

The Ultimate Winner will receive the following goodies:

• Pioneer DJ gear (worth Rs 1 Lakh +)
• One year “Artist Management contract” with Submerge (
• An opportunity to share stage and open for an International artist.
• Pro DJ/producer course.

The competition is now LIVE so get going! The video below shows you how to upload mixes onto the website. This could be your chance ;) Catch more details on the website here.

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