Is a SLANDER, NGHTMRE, Seven Lions and The Glitch Mob Mega-collab on the Cards?


What’s at sight is a potential collaboration that is of a magnanimous nature.

Yes, with superstar producers like The Glitch Mob, Slander, NGHTMRE, and Seven Lions all changing their profile photos to the same image, there’s a huge buzz about it being a collaborative musical effort. You already have your eyes wide open don’t you?

We all know what massacre these artists can create with their music even individually and now, when they come together, it’s going to be something truly fantastic. This may also be a teaser of an entire tour – we don’t know for sure.

The below artwork shows the elements of wind, earth, fire and water coming together – that for sure is a reference to the four artists. One Instagram post from Will Runzel of Prodigy Artist also used #Alchemy for the same picture. That seems to be enough evidence to conclude that this is for sure a music production – because after-all, blending in music together is a kind of alchemy in itself!

the glitch mob nghtmre

seven lions slander

slander nghtmre

the glitch mob slander

We really can’t wait to hear more from the artists regarding this teaser. Stay tuned and comment your guesses as we bring to you more information on this development!

Pavan Kumar


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