Joseph Capriati Hospitalized and In a ‘Stable’ But ‘Serious’ Condition After Being Stabbed by His Father

joseph capriati father

Italian DJ and Techno mainstay Joseph Capriati is reportedly in hospital after a potentially fatal altercation between him and his father.

On Friday, January 8th, a heated fight lead to Capriati’s father stabbing the DJ in the chest with a kitchen knife. Capriati who usually lives in Spain had been staying at his family home in Caserta, Italy since the pandemic began. After the incident, he was rushed to Sant’Anna e San Sebastiano hospital in Caserta, Italy after emergency services were contacted.

As reported by a local publication, la Repubblica, Napoli, Capriati underwent a delicate pneumothorax surgery by Alberto D’Agostino, director of the Major Trauma Surgery Department of the Sant’Anna and San Sebastiano hospital in Caserta. The prognosis is still reserved and the young man is still in danger of life.

Explaining the situation, professor D’Agostino who manages the hospital’s internal and external surgical emergencies said, “The boy arrived with a potentially fatal wound to the chest, very deep that affected the lungs. He was also subjected to a transfusion. At the moment the parameters are stable and this gives us hope, but the prognosis is still reserved for at least another 48 hours and is still in danger of life “.

Currently, Capriati’s 61-year old father has been arrested for the attempted murder and is currently in prison for the same.

Industry friends and fans alike have taken to social media to wish Capriati a speedy recovery.

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