KFC’s Colonel Sanders is Set to Play the Main Stage at Ultra Music Festival 2019

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While the whos who of the world of dance music are all set to play at Ultra Music Festival in Miami starting today, Ultra has always been big on “Surprise sets.”

While we thought it couldn’t get any bigger this time around after Swedish House Mafia closed out Ultra 20 in Miami last year announcing their reunion, maybe they just outdid themselves.

The Ultra App is a go-to for most festivals attendees days before the festival kicks off as they plan and schedule their three days at the festival solely on that. Certain screenshots from the App began to surface onto the official ultra facebook group stating that the face of the world’s biggest fried chicken chain, Colonel Sanders of KFC, will take to the biggest platform at the festival for five minutes from 3.55 – 4 PM on Friday, 29th March. You can see screenshots of Colonel Sanders, who died in 1980, popping up on the line-up below even though there are no signs of his name on the overall lineup.

Colonel Sanders ultra 2019

Colonel Sanders ultra music festival

The timeslot has now also cropped up on Ultra’s official announcement of the schedule.

The fast food world has its fair share of iconic mascots, but undeniably few are as omnipresent as KFC’s Colonel Sanders. Clad in a dapper white suit with a goatee to match, the avuncular chicken man’s likeness adorns signage (and buckets of chicken) at the chain’s nearly 21,000 locations worldwide. Click here for a walk down memory lane briefly explaining the timeline of the man, the myth, the mascot – Colonel Sanders as reported by Eater.

KFC went on to add fuel to the fire by posting this yesterday.

While it remains to be seen if this is a publicity stunt by a DJ or KFC using the platform to kick off some bizarre new marketing campaign, we’ll just have to wait and find out. All we’re sure of at this point is, this move will surely result in is a packed mainstage for Nora En Pure with her following 4 PM main stage slot.

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