Kraftwerk Founder Florian Schneider Dies At The Age Of 73

florian schneider death

Florian Schneider, the founder of the highly influential fully electronic band “Kraftwerk” passed away at 73 years of age.

Florian Schneider found Kraftwerk in 1970 alongside Ralf Hütter and was an active member until 2008. During his long and fulfilling stay in the band, Schneider wrote many great hits like Autobahn, The Model, Computer Love etc.

A statement from close sources confirms that the legend breathed his last due to cancer.

Many industry greats have expressed their heartfelt condolences and expressed their love for the revolutionary artist. The list includes names like Giorgio Moroder, Jean Michael Jarre, Gary Kemp and many more.

Kraftwerk not only inspired bands and artists like U-2 and Bon Jovi, but also started the modern electronic music revolution. Calling them the “Electronic Beatles” will still be a massive understatement.

Kraftwerk also pushed through a lot of opposition. In the era of Led Zeppelin and live music, many complained that Kraftwerk was killing the ever-growing music industry. Little did they know that the very same band sprouted the idea of modern mainstream music.

Schneider was not just a musician but also an inventor. He was responsible for electronic flute and a vocoder style synthesizer named “Robovox”.

This news comes as an utter shock to the dance music community as this man is also responsible for the now successful dance music genre. Many of their all-time hits are sampled till this date.

As this titan of an artist passes away, we must look back to cherish his music and thank him for the everlasting contributions that he made to the birth of the present-day music.

Image courtesy: NME

Mmkrishna Cherla


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