Could Kygo be Ultra’s ‘Special Guest’ performer?


While this is absolutely speculative news, there could be a possibility that Ultra may be springing a surprise on us all by having Kygo perform at the festival this weekend.

There’s been some talk of Kygo playing at Ultra Miami this weekend. Despite being one of the biggest acts of the past year, the artist isn’t on the official lineup for the world’s premier music festival. Why? Well we’re not sure either.

We do know that Kygo is in Miami, though he’s definitely got other shows lined up, plus its Miami Music Week, who isn’t in Miami? Kygo posted a the following picture of himself in the city a few hours ago on Instagram.


A post shared by Kygo (@kygomusic) on

And while that doesn’t mean anything, thanks to YourEDM, there’s also this image of Kygo’s name & logo being tested on the Ultra main stage LEDs. Now why would they do that for an artist who isn’t playing…?


Answer? They probably wouldn’t… Unless we’re all being pranked in which case that sucks. Either way, Ultra Miami is tomorrow and we’re all eager and excited to see what happens!

For all those not attending, here’s the full day 1 lineup being broadcasted live on UMF TV.

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