Martin Garrix Reveals He Is Collaborating With Marvel On A New Video Game

martin garrix and marvel collaboration

Martin Garrix has been going from strength to strength and in a recent interview he revealed another huge collaboration.

Recently when Garrix was in New York, he revealed he was at Marvel and he was working on something with them for a new video game.

In the interview he shared, “I was at Marvel this morning, and I did something for a new video game they’re launching. There’s all these projects in the works at the same time, which I’m very excited about.”

While he didn’t divulge any further details, it’s still unknown what the name of the game is or in what capacity Garrix will be a part of it, but most likely as of now ofcourse is that it will be on the music production end of things.

Riding on the high of once again topping the DJ Mag Top 100 charts at the number 1 spot at the age of just 26. His fourth victory at snagging this top spot, puts him above Guetta and his other great friend and mentor, Tiësto, in the all-time DJ popularity stakes, and is second only to Dutch trance overlord Armin van Buuren, with his five No.1s.

Speaking to DJ Mag about his win from New York he said, “That’s very surreal. For me, to be in the list in general, I’m in the list with all the people I look up to. I started making music because of Tiësto, and I’m a huge David [Guetta] fan. I’m very grateful for the support and being included on the list, it’s very crazy.”

While Garrix made it clear that his intentions were to have this be more than a one off saying, “I want to focus more of producing for movies and series, like scoring. I feel like I’m still at the start somehow – it’s a weird feeling. There’s still so many unexplored things I want to discover, have fun and mess around and experiment with – sonically, artistically.”

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