Martin Garrix Officially Confirms A Zedd Collaboration!

martin garrix zedd collaboration

For the past two months or so, we have been speculating a possible collaboration between Martin Garrix and Zedd.

This happened after Zedd took to social media asking fans if they were down for a Zedd X Garrix collaboration.

Time has now come where the confirmation has come in from Martin Garrix too.

“Zedd and I have been talking about doing a song together for 7 years maybe. We’ve sent all these ideas back and forth, but when we’re together we always end up partying or chilling, or exploring the city we’re in. But I just sent him an idea four weeks ago, a crazy, very weird chord progression, but because it’s so weird and different, he was like, ‘Man I love this!’ I sent him the stems, so now I’m waiting on what he’s gonna do and what he’s going to send back to me.”

As we hear this from Martin Garrix, we also see that this could drop during the Ultra Music Festival this year!

The long awaited collaboration has finally taken shape and boy are we waiting to see what’s in store.

Stay tuned for more updates.

Pavan Kumar


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