Martin Garrix Reveals What He Went Through After His Leg Surgery

martin garrix leg injury

The latest episode of “The Martin Garrix Show” gave a look at what the three-time no.1 DJ/Producer went through after his leg surgery.

If you are a die-hard Martin Garrix fan, then you would probably know that the Dutch superstar shares a lot of his on-stage and off-stage life on his very own YouTube show – “The Martin Garrix Show” and this season of the Martin Garrix show started with the bitter portrayal of Martin suffering a considerably big and “Tour Delaying” leg injury from a stage fall. The injury not only set him and his tour back by couple of weeks, but also forced him to cancel more shows that followed his recovery.

In a short interview segment, Martin goes on to show his left shin and explains how he experienced immense pain while jumping around. He also says that the pain was so severe that he had to avoid jumping altogether. All of this happened during a performance which was just days before Tomorrowland 2019.

Garritsen also mentioned that he had to keep moving in order “to not distract his fans and make them feel worried”. These comments surely show how dedicated the young prince of EDM is.

It is evident that there are many artists that are pushing their physical boundaries to get their best selves to their fan bases and it is time for us as a community to recognize their hard work and effort.

The video also features a rather normal Salvatore Gannaci grabbing a questionable air-filled balloon, hitting play with it and joining a mosh pit.

We have many exciting things to share with you in the coming days. Make sure to stay tuned to the page.


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