A Studio Update Of The Long In-The-Making Martin Garrix x Zedd Collab

martin garrix zedd collab

Just last weekend, Zedd brought Martin Garrix out during his set at EDC Las Vegas, and the two partied it up on the console as videos showed!

However, this also fueled talks once again about their highly-anticipated collaboration which has been long in the making.

In an interview with revolution 93.5 FM almost two years ago, Garrix had said back then that he and Zedd had been going back and forth on a collaboration for over seven years, which would now put it at almost a decade. In Feb of 2020 however, Garrix mentioned sharing a “crazy, weird, different’ work in progress which Zedd was intrigued by and they would work on.

As reported by Dancing Astronaut the two have been spotted in the studio confirming the collaboration is still very much a possibility and also confirming a prime 128 bpm rate confirming it’ll be in the house realm. The short clip also teases the vibe we can expect.

At the time of publishing this article, there are still no official details about the track that have been revealed by either artist.

H/T – Dancing Astronaut

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