Dutch Audio Tech Startup Mayht Gets Investments From Martin Garrix And More

mayht investments

Martin Garrix has proved time and again that he’s here to invest in the future of the industry, may it then be by his recent investment in Stage11 which is looking to reimagine the music space in the metaverse, or now his latest investment in the disruptive audio tech startup, Mayht (pronounced “Might”).

In this current round of investments, Mayht raised $10 million from Martin Garrix but also Swedish solar cell company Exeger and Venture capital first Forward. One.

Founded in 2016 by Mattias and Timothy Scheek, Mayht is pioneering a technology they call Heartmotion Speaker Technology, by reinventing the core inner-workings of speakers per se. This innovative technology allows for them to reduce their overall footprint allowing to pack a punch in a much smaller form. Looking to revolutionize what home audio tech and portable devices, voice assistants, etc on the market looks like is the aim of the team.

Explaining the technology in an official press release, the company shared “Mayht’s Heartmotion technology has totally reinvented how the insides of speakers work, for the first time in 100-years, allowing consumer electronic companies and speaker manufacturers to shrink the size of their products, while still offering immersive, high-quality, loudspeaker level sound.”

Mayht’s Chief Executive and co-founder, Mattias Scheek said, “Until now, only those with big enough homes and the money to afford it could enjoy high-quality, immersive in-home sound experiences. Our vision is to make Heartmotion the new industry standard for speaker driver technology, making the best sound quality accessible to the masses.”

Explaining how this additional series A funding will help them, he continued saying, “This new injection of funding will help us turn the market on its head, allowing us to commercialize and license out our Heartmotion technology on a global stage. We’re looking forward to bringing until now unimaginable, high quality, full-range sound experiences including full bass spectrum to the most compact speaker devices.”

Adding with the belief Garrix has in the company and the reason he chose to invest in the company, he said,
“Hearing Mayht’s technology in action, I strongly believe this is a company that can change the audio industry. My love for music and great sound is at the forefront of this innovation, which is exactly why I’m excited to be investing in the future of such a young and innovative Dutch tech start-up.”

Mayht and Exeger will be showcasing their technologies at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas from January 3rd-9th 2022.

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