MDRNTY Launch Record Label Imprint with Ryan Crosson release


MDRNTY Records is a brand new label from the celebrated Swiss party brand that is renowned for developing daytime electronic music events in the most outstanding locations of the Swiss Alps for the past 10 years.

The first release comes from esteemed techno artist and Visionquest founder, Ryan Crosson, and is due out in April during the MDRNTY festival.

2016 marks the beginning of a new adventure with the MDRNTY Records imprint offering a platform to showcase a network of artists closely related to their events. Be it house, techno or anything in between, the label releases all share a common aesthetic: emotionally charged dance electronic music that fits in any alpine daytime Modernity Event set.

Ryan Crosson certainly knows how to make such music, given that over the last ten years the Detroit born star has put out a wealth of EPs on labels like his own Visionquest—also a touring live and DJ collective made up of Shaun Reeves and Lee Curtiss—plus Minus, Wagon Repair and Supplemental Facts. He has played every major club and festival going, has put out a mix CD and is a true star of the modern underground scene.

Up first is the excellent ‘Aphelion’, a slick and quick electro styled futuristic techno cut with wobbly, flabby bass synths fleshing out an arresting groove. Spaced out pads add depth and serenity in the background of this most emotive and well produced club cut.

‘Appalachia’ is then a much more carefully reduced brew of minimal beats and hits. It is pure electronic funk in its finest form with rubbery kicks, dehumanised vocals and airy hi hats up top, all of which draw you ever deeper into its bubbly rhythms.

Last but not least, ‘Bambi Hands’ is a hiccuping affair with whirring machines, alien synth daubs and playful sine waves all jostling for attention. It makes you want to move your every limb in appreciation and is third completely different cut that makes this EP as varied as it is vital, giving the perfect imagery of those endless dancing afternoons on the top of the Swiss Alps for which Modernity is famous.

This EP is a brilliant way to kick of what is sure to become an essential and carefully curated label for fans of fresh and original house, techno and plenty in between.


A1. Aphelion

B1. Appalachia

B2. Bambi Hands


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