Mike Hawkins leaves Spinnin’ Records as well


Mike Hawkins becomes the second artist in 24 hours to end his deal with Spinnin’ Records!

First Martin Garrix, then Julian Jordan and now Mike Hawkins! Spinnin’s losing out on some massive talent here!

Not less than 24 hours back did Julian Jordan post a message on his social media citing his departure from Spinnin’ Records & MusicAllStars. Well now its Mike Hawkins’ turn…

The young Dane posted the following message on his Facebook:

“Continuing on what I announced last week, I would like to inform fans, followers, friends and other supporters that Spinnin’ Records and I have mutually agreed to end our deal. Following two very exciting and fruitful years for me it has been a key stone for my personal aspirations that I pursue wider and different creative paths in my music. I have worked hard on several new records the past half year, and both parties have agreed that going forward we are perhaps not the right match for each other in terms of style and vision. I’m extremely excited about the future and my new team which I can’t wait to tell you more about – and I feel more creative and inspired than ever, something which shows in the studio. Thank you all so much for being with me through this journey, nothing but love for you!”

Now rumour has it that both Julian and Mike are off to join Garrix on his new label, though could be a bit far fetched. You never know…

Lets hope both Julian and Mike don’t face the same legal issues Martin Garrix did when he broke off with the label giant.

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