Mike Posner Reveals He Has a Collection of Unreleased and Unfinished Tracks With Avicii

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Its been over two years since the musical legend Avicii passed away, but there is hardly a while that goes by when he isn’t missed and remembered for the rich legacy he left behind.

Avicii over the span of his career has been an inspiration and the reason behind many big names getting into electronic music in the first place.

A friend and collaborator of Avicii’s, Mike Posner, took to social media to reveal how he recently came across unfinished music on which he had collaborated with Avicii on his computer and the trove of emotions that came with it.

The heartfelt tweet ended with him saying the tracks made him feel all sorts of ways when he said, “makes me feel grateful and sad at the same time.” Most famously known for “I Took A Pill In Ibiza”, Posner and Avicii were friends above all else. Speaking to the Rolling Stone about the track, Avicii had said, “Mike’s a good friend, so I took it as an honour. And I agree – parties can be amazing, but it’s very easy to become too attached to partying in places like Ibiza. You become lonely and get anxieties. It becomes toxic.”

While Posner and Avicii never had any official releases together, their first public collaboration was “Stay With You” which unfortunately never made it out. From what Posener revealed, however, we might see him finish the work and release it at some point similar to the entire posthumous album TIM which his collaborators came together to finish and release.

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