Milkshake Festival announces 2017 line-up


Taking place in Amsterdam on July Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th at Westerpark, the Milkshake Festival Amsterdam is bringing together a carefully curated selection of the best partners from the global nightlife scene.

Milkshake Festival

The massive lineup includes legendary American disco group, Village People whose hits include ‘Macho Man’, ‘In the Navy’ and ‘YMCA’, have been on the music scene for nearly 40 years. They will give an intense show at the mainstage, Supertoys. The festival also will present the Wham’bam Thank You Ma’am stage, a special ode to Wham, in honour of George Michael. as well as performances from French electronic DJ Miss Kittin, one of the Netherland’s most influential and longest playing electronic music stalwarts Joost van Bellen and UK house producer Riton.

Milkshake Festival

With both national and international stage hosts onboard, this year’s festival line-up is shaping up to be nothing short of amazing. Dutch photographer and artist Erwin Olaf will own a place in the Westerpark and, like previous editions, tell a story through performances, light and music. Acts confirmed for the stage include: Grumpy Old Men, Sofia Valentine, Willie Wartaal, De Deurzakkers, Bramsterdam & Big General, Victor Coral and Mason. Transformer by Joost van Bellen, Zubrowka International and fashion designer Bas Kosters are present for the second time and will present Wannabe a Star, Riptide B2B Sjamsoedin, JD Samson and Djedjotronic. Transformer is all about transformation in the positive sense, whether you fall in love for the first time or are transgender, transformations will be told through performances by Bas Kosters.

International stage contributions come from Paris, London and Cologne. Paris’ Less Drama More Techno’s line-up includes Silvin Wood, Lylou Dallas, Ahny & Highly, Ben Manson & Rony Golding. London’s WUT? CLUB which is characterised by controversial colourful club kids who rebel against the narrow-mindedness and refer strongly to the club kids of the infamous club Limelight in New York has brought together a stellar line-up which includes Larry Tee, Jodie Harsh, AttackAttackAttack, Girli, Heidi, Nimmo, Absolute., Wax Wings, Coco Cole, Glynfamous, Digb¥, Jonathan Bestley and an installation by Jack Irving. From Germany comes Sexy Party Cologne whose renowned parties usually take place at the Bootshaus in Cologne and are a focus during one of the largest Gay Prides of Europe. Their stage will host Kenne Perry, D’Alessandro, Alexio, Asaf Dolev and Phil Romano.

Milkshake Festival

Milkshake Festival

At Milkshake, the festival where “nothing is mandatory, but anything goes’, Amsterdam and Rotterdam are brotherly represented. “De Trut” (The Bitch), an Amsterdam non-commercial disco for dykes and queers since 1985, provides a good atmosphere and good music. Play & Linx, Handjob, RZS, Meneer Van Bemmel, CKDERK, Jaded, JXSSX, Mr. Blaauw are confirmed for their stage.

Lined up for the Damage by Mister B. stage are Jordan Rag, Adam Turner, William Sizen Bell, Chris Bekker. Mister B‘s leather and fetish shops are a representative of the fetish scene since 1994. Rotterdam is represented by partners NOW&WOW, Gaybar and Liberated who will host a line-ups including Nicky Nicole, Liberated Sound System, Morriz, Roog, Ben Manson, Remon Lacroix, Benny Rodrigues, Nala, Prins Escort, Jeff Solo & Moody Mehran, Pop on Acid, Karim Soliman, Ben Fresh, Boris Ross, Modular DJ’s, Carlos Valdes, MC Ted Langenbach, J-Ti, Leather E, Venderstrooik, Spacemaker and Mima.

With it’s own defining character, breathtaking decor and performance art, festival revelers are in for a fun and entertaining ride! ‘Let Milkshake take you to the place, where membership’s a smiling face… Fun and sunshine, there’s enough for everyone!’

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All images courtesy: Dennis Bouman

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