Norman Doray X Nikhil Chinapa at the Blue Frog, Mumbai


India has been host to a number of artists over the years, with almost every superstar DJ making their way to the subcontinent. A pioneer of the groove cartel, Norman Doray has a special connect with the country, every time he tours! Having been witness to some of the most amazing parties back in the day, there’s a clear affinity between Norman and the country.

Making his way back to India for a 5 city tour, the grapevine was buzzing, amidst further news of Nikhil Chinappa joining the French icon on the decks.

We were particularly pleased to catch the duo at Blue Frog, Mumbai, even so amidst a busy workweek.

Stepping into Blue Frog, we were particularly astonished to see a packed house, midweek, and more so a strong support system for the groove! Nikhil gracefully began his set, coupled with calm composure to establish a precedent for the night. Fresh grooves and some well known numbers graced the speakers, much to the fans delight. Never a dull moment, Nikhil entertained from start to finish, before Norman took over the decks.

As a firm believer of his vision for dance music Norman has always pioneered the scene rather than jump the bandwagon. He has consistently delivered fresh music via his productions and live sets. Blue frog was no different that night and Norman was on a mission. A mission to #bringbackthegroove. Borrowing tracks from his counterparts, Norman played with similar enthusiasm as we witnesses years ago, grooving as he sifted through tracks behind the decks. He played a bunch of classics like Apocalypse and Last Forever amongst his new music, some unreleased. A state of euphoria gathered Blue Frog when he dropped the Marcus Schossow and Years Remix of “Sun Is Shining”, much to the fans delight, following it up with Dubvision’s smash hit, “Turn It Around”.

As we gathered to grace the end of the night there were smiles all around. We were let go, only after a warm speech by Nikhil and Norman, to take back with us, more than just a sweaty face. A bunch of memories.

Image courtesy: Gaurang Alat Photography