NYC Lifts Proof Of Vaccination Requirements For Indoor Music Venues

nyc lifts proof of vaccination

Eric Adams, Mayor of New York City announced that as of March 7, 2022, proof of Covid-19 vaccination will no longer be necessary for indoor events and music venues, and in addition restaurants, bars, gyms, etc. will also no longer be required to adhere to the mandate.

This may go on to be further lifted for concerts and larger gatherings as of May this year.

In effect since shows and events began to make their slow and steady return in August 2021, Adams announcing NYC’s decision to drop the mandate is a sign of the city with its high vaccination rates among adults, moving in the right direction.

While there may not be a mandate enforced any longer, private businesses will still have the flexibility to require proof of vaccination, indoor masking, etc. on their own accord.

Commenting on the mandates being lifted during a press conference, Mayor Adams said, “New Yorkers should be getting out and enjoying our amazing city. The fight may not be over, but we’re clearly winning the war. We are open for business and New York City has its groove back.”

Large festivals such as Coachella and Stagecoach were among the first few to drop their vaccine requirements with the likes of Ultra Miami later this month following suit. Ultra shared a recommendation for masks saying “​​Covid-19 vaccines and masks are encouraged by certain public health or governmental agencies for attendees, however, proof of vaccination, the wearing of masks, or a negative Covid-19 test are not required.”

That being said, he did not rule out they may need to revert these actions were cases to surge. But at the moment with the caseload of NYC, this felt like the right time for the move. However, a large number of clubs and indoor event spaces do still have vaccine requirements across the US from NYC to Los Angeles and more and can choose to do so.

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