Ever wondered how much YouTube, Spotify and Apple Music pay per 1000 plays? Find out here.

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Over the years, the way artists get their music heard has changed drastically. Now we are in the age of music streaming services and the most popular platforms are Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube. But which if the above platforms is paying the artists the most?

All credits to RIAA-backed research via BuzzAngle, MiDIA and Nielsen that we have a very simple breakup of the numbers. Below are the revenues in USD that artist make per 1000 streams:

Apple Music: Just over $12
Spotify: $7.50
YouTube: $1.50

Apart from the above, Information is Beautiful (IiS) also did a similar breakdown and didn’t compile their information from the above sources. They analysed data from artists and various other sources. According to LiB, an unassigned artist can expect to receive the following per 1000 plays:

Apple Music: $6.40
Spotify: $3.80
YouTube: $0.60

Whereas signed artists earn marginally higher:

Apple Music: $7.30
Spotify: $4.40
YouTube: $0.70

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