As Trance don – Perfect Stranger makes his way to India, we take a look at his top 6 tracks!

Perfect Stranger

As the master of tech-house and psy-trance – Perfect Stranger, is all set to hit the Indian shores once again, we have a compiled his Top 6 tracks and it’s absolutely essential you know this before meeting the man himself at a club near you.

6. Perfect Stranger – Ionic Defibulizer (Grouch Version)

The piano melodies are absolutely enchanting and just creates an incredibly euphoric experience to begin with. One is sure to be baffled by the way things take turn as the sexy-sounding, bass-heavy beats hit you hard in the face! Coupling a lot of classic themes and some unique sounding dynamic music, the track is surely one of a kind!

5. Perfect Stranger – Manifestations (Shanti V Deedrah Remix)

Manifestations is yet another enigmatic track that can surely be termed as extremely energetic. The classic approach on this mix has all of us just hooked onto it. The speech-based vocals sound intimidating and makes the experience of the track all the more fun-filled. The latter part of the track is an incredible bit that can get any crowd up and going until they are exhausted.

4. Perfect Stranger – Small Beginnings feat. Child

This track proves to be dark and deep in the way it hits you right from the beginning. The production involves enigmatic bits and what sounds like tribal bits, adding a flavour to it that very few tracks can manage to achieve. The hurrying nature of the track makes you want to keep pace with it and drop all the non-sense that’s happening in your head, for once!

3. Perfect Stranger – Simple Cells

The infectious vibe of this track gives it a distinction among all his productions. The track creates a feeling that shakes you up from within and creates imageries of very dark and sinister happenings in one’s mind. It is vibrant too and keeps you glued to it, making you feel quite helpless.

2. Perfect Stranger – Six Feet Under (Captain Hook Remix)

One of the more popular tracks in the psy-trance scene, Six Feet Under is definitely world-class. Creating a rush of euphoric feelings, it can clearly make your energies go up and running. The production is quite incredible to say the least, as it uses delicate stuff combine with the more powerful ones to create a perfect blend. The transitory part of the track, into the second half is simply one of the best pieces of music you would have heard.

1.Perfect Stranger – Twist In Hell (Gaudium Remix)

And to top our list is this incredible mix that begins with a very mysterious bit. The track rises into a very rich drop that is filled with mind bending bass work and some spacey music in the background. The drums play a good role in the right places and isn’t overdone. The interlude is just too vivid and catchy to forget easily. Maybe that’s what makes this track number 1 for us. The latter part showcases a much different vibe which is clearly a testament to the quality of music you can expect from his sets.

So, those were our top picks, make sure you give them a spin and be ready for the actual massacre coming up this month! He will be touring 3 cities in India from 30th of August to the 2nd of September.

30th August 2018 – Kaama, Delhi

31st August 2018 – Kitty Su, Mumbai

1st September 2018 – Pebble, Bangalore

2nd September 2018 – Unwind, Pune

If you call yourself a trance fan and live in any of those cities, you just cannot afford to miss out on this tour. If you do, well be ready to experience some major FOMO.

To book tickets, please visit here.

Pavan Kumar


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