Photos Emerge Of Clubbers Partying In Wuhan Without Masks

wuhan clubs open

The former epicenter of Coronavirus is back to normal and is partying as if nothing happened.

The once heavily effected Wuhan region has started its journey to normalcy and as a result, people are returning back to their nightlife destinations.

The pictures were taken in the city of Hubei on September 18th at a local club. Some were spotted wearing masks while others are enjoying their nightlife without one.

The Chinese city hasn’t reported a single case since mid-May and was declared COVID free since the start of June. The Authorities of the city have made it their mission to restart their tourist economy.

These pictures were not the first ones to surface onto the grand ocean of the internet. Earlier, Wuhan also hosted a pool party in Maya Water park and it made quite the headlines for flouting COVID 19 guidelines.

Cases stopped popping in Wuhan and many showed concerns over it. Some also criticized the government for covering up the real numbers. Many Chinese government mouthpieces have expressed their severe “disappointment” over those statements.

This is not the only place where the nightlife started returning back to normal. Some clubs across Europe have started functioning with a limited capacity and Drive-In raves have become a common event across the North American continent. Whilst we hope that we all get back to festivals together, it is time for us to follow the guidelines of the local health authorities to ensure a quick return to normalcy.


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