Pioneer Exceeds Expectations With Their New Flagship CDJ – 3000

pioneer cdj-3000

Pioneer revealed all the details about their new CDJ model 3000 and it is packing some serious heat.

Unlike the predecessor CDJ 2000Nxs2, the CDJ 3000 is equipped with a micro processing unit. This allows the new CDJ console to be much smoother and efficient at processing and recognizing information.

The new flagship CDJ is priced at € 2,399, which is a bit on the higher end to the price of its predecessor.
With a Gigabit Ethernet connection compatibility, users can now share audio files from a USB or an SD card between six CDJs when used alongside Pioneer DJM- V10. This is a sweet deal for artists that are into the technical aspect of DJing and can throw down legendary nights at a moment’s notice.

The touch screen received a major buff. Its screen brightness has improved by 150 percent. After all those sunny days and millions of cardboards stacked over the console just to view the screen without glare, DJs can now use the improved screen with less hassle.

The design is pretty modern and the LED display on the jog wheel makes it more DJ friendly. The Latency improved jog wheel shows drastic improvement in performance and closer feel to an actual vinyl.

This flagship product is a great response to Denon’s new range of products and offers a great deal of arsenal for a DJ to rule the night.

The console is Rekord box ready and will be receiving a pioneer compatible Serato software down the line.

For more updates on the new Pioneer product, keep an eye on this space.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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