Porter Robinson Releases New Vocaloid ‘Po-Uta’ Voicebank Created From His Voice

porter robinson po-uta

Porter Robinson released Vocaloid Po-uta, an official Yamaha Vocaloid6 voicebank product based on his own pitched-up voice in the style of his last album “Nurture”.

Vocaloid6 is a voice-synthesis software that enables users to create songs using synthesized voices, and Robinson’s Vocaloid Po-uta is a voicebank for Vocaloid6 which is able to sing in English and Japanese.

In addition, he also dropped a demo song using the same titled ‘Humansongs’ which Robinson shared is “a fairly hard-tuned “robotic” sound to match the song’s themes. But he went further to share that Po-uta is also capable of “realistic human-sounding expressive styles too.”

In a recent interview with Yamaha and Vocaloid (link – https://www.vocaloid.com/en/creator/meets_001/ ), Robinson shared how much this opportunity meant to him, “I just love Vocaloid and Vocaloid music so much. The opportunity seemed very cool to me. This kind of thing is just as meaningful to me as any award… the opportunity to be involved in the world of VOCALOID that’s brought me so much inspiration, I hope I, too, can inspire someone else.”

Inspiration and use of vocaloids has been in Robinsons music since almost the past decade with ‘Worlds’ in 2014, including the iconic hit “Sad Machine.”

He also went on to share his favorite part of Vocaloid saying, “Vocals are the most powerful element in music, because they convey both melody and meaning. It’s an indescribably powerful combination. And variations on the human voice are extremely interesting — some of my first exposure to electronic music was through Daft Punk, who have used the vocoder and talkbox extensively, as well as other voice-shifting techniques. Vocaloid was the natural next step in these technologies, and it’s extremely powerful — not just because it’s a great songwriting tool, but because of the sound, which is a little artificial in a good way. Its eccentricities make the magic.”

Creators can buy the Po-Uta vocaloid6 voicebank here.

H/T – EDM.com

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