Dating App Called POM (Power Of Music) Allows You To Meet People Based On Musical Tastes

power of music dating app

With a tagline that reads, “Let people meet the real you.”

Connect based on your most intimate feelings – Your music” POM is an online dating app that allows users to meet people based on their mutual musical tastes.

With the aim to link up users based on their shared taste in music, POM was created by young up-and-coming entrepreneur Vihan Patel, who teamed up with his co-founder Vladimir Ignatyev, whom he met at school.

The app officially launched in London a year ago and also got a whopping £1.5 million in a pre-launch angel investment round via undisclosed investors back then. They used the investment to develop its emotional algorithm that matches users depending on their music library on Apple Music or Spotify and half a dozen questions further.

Speaking about how the app works UK Tech explains, POM harnesses the ‘Power of Music’ and channels it into an exciting and inclusive app to deliver genuine, meaningful connections based on a shared love of the same music. The app matches users based on their music history and emotional responses, thanks to its intelligent technology and utilizes Spotify and Apple Music. The app does this by using data provided by users to curate a perfect end-to-end dating and social experience.

Explaining how the idea for the app stemmed, co-founder Patel said, “I first came up with the idea for POM at university, where I organized club nights. It became apparent that people behaved very differently depending on what type of night it was, a rock music or R&B-themed night for example. This influenced what they wore, what drinks they bought, and how they interacted with one another, which proves how instrumental music is to a person’s identity (pardon the pun!). That got me thinking music clearly plays a deeper role in who we are than most think. It’s a voice for emotion, and using music as a vehicle to understand emotion allows for a greater understanding of other people, and of course, potential partners.”

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