REZZ Reveals First Ever Headlining B2B Set With Deadmau5 At A Festival In 2023

rezz b2b deadmau5 2023

REZZ casually revealed in a tweet that she and deadmau5 will be going back to back headlining an undisclosed as of yet festival at some time in 2023.

Tweeted as more of a PSI, the tweet read, “Deadmau5 and I are gonna go b2b headlining a festival in 2023. First time I’ve ever properly b2b. Just letting you know”

While REZZ has risen the ranks much since her first release in 2015, she has always found avid support from deadmau5 and the two have also appeared on stages together before, but never done an official B2B yet. This will not just be REZZ’s first b2b with deadmau5, but her very first proper b2b ever, as she revealed!

With their only collaboration till date ‘Hypnocurrency’ sitting at over 27 million streams on Spotify alone, it is clear that the fans and community are hyped about the two working together. The reactions in the replies to the tweet were only a testament to that excitement with no further details still being revealed.

While it remains to be seen which festival it is, the two are confirmed to be headlining together, Electric Zoo’s official twitter handle made sure to sneak in a response saying “Massive.” Whether this means anything or not however, remains to be seen and will hopefully be out sooner than later as summer ‘23 festivals begin rolling out their lineup announcements at least for the initial phases.

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