Salvatore Ganacci shows everyone how to become popular on social media

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The internet has been blowing up with videos of a particular DJ and his ‘groovyness’ since yesterday. That person is Swedish DJ Salvatore Ganacci. Yep, he’s back at Tomorrowland and you need to see what he’s up to this time!

Last year at Tomorrowland, Salvatore Ganacci asked attendees to do something really weird. If you haven’t kept up, here’s a refresher. The DJ asked fans to relax their anuses and shoulders. His exact words were, “Try to relax your anus… your shoulders…” If you don’t believe us watch it below. The video manages to capture the perfect reaction of one of the fans.

Well this year his take on being ‘unique’ was a little bit more personal as he took out the inner party animal within him. From crazy dance moves to humping the decks to even falling asleep of exhaustaion, Ganacci’s set had it all! Dressed in gym shorts and partying harder than the fans he was performing for, Salvatore’s set has become one of the most watched videos over the weekend.

Check it out here!

The DJ did not disappoint. Well, while he wasn’t DJing that much… but, at least he entertained the crowd (well some of them at least). Turns out, this is his usual style while performing though. Here’s the DJ at another venue previously.

But now let’s get to the main point of this article. Salvatore has shown us all how to be a DJ in 2018. And that’s not cos he played a really good set at one of the biggest festivals in the world, or even cos he brought on his pal Sebastian Ingrosso. It’s cos he knows how to be part of the conversation. By being who he is and showcasing his ‘style’ to the world he’s become a point of conversation that keeps him in the mind of his fans. It’s the main reason we’re even writing this article in the first place.

Being a DJ in 2018 is not all about the performance or the music (it should be, but it isn’t). It’s about the kind of presence you have on social media, the number of people that know your name and want to see you in person. By doing what he did at Tomorrowland, the DJ has shown us all how to get viral and have people know your name. Don’t believe us? Check the statistics for how the google search for his name has shot up in the last week.

Salvatore Ganacci

Salvatore’s gimmicks may have earned him the title of being a ‘weird’ or ‘extra’ DJ, but hey, atleast now you know his name.


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