Serato Launches Sample 2.0, A Revolutionary Music Production Tool Featuring Serato’s Innovative Stems Technology

serato sample 2.0

Today, iconic audio software company Serato announced the release of Sample 2.0, a groundbreaking update to the popular sampling plugin which now includes stem-separation technology.

Fueled by Serato’s proprietary machine-learning algorithm, the cutting-edge technology allows producers to quickly separate, isolate and manipulate source audio into four stems, without compromising sound quality. Through Sample 2.0, producers can utilize Serato’s high-quality sampling and stem-splitting features while maintaining their workflow with their existing digital audio workstation (DAW).

“Every time I sit down with Serato Sample, I’m blown away by how fast I’m getting fresh ideas out. And let me tell you, the audio separation on this is crazy clean,” commented GRAMMY Award-nominated producer Jake One (Drake, Travis Scott, J. Cole).

GRAMMY Award-winning producer !llmind (Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, Drake) also said, “Sampling used to be just chopping & stretching songs. Now, I get INSTANT access to audio stems in my DAW. Completely changes the game.”

Sample 2.0 is the first VST plugin to combine powerful sampling and stem-separation features into one premium, easy-to-use product. With the push of a button, Stems has the ability to split audio into four distinct tracks for vocals, melody, bass or drums. Sample 2.0 enables producers to integrate samples, acapellas and instrumentals into their tracks seamlessly through real-time audio source separation. Additionally, Serato Sample incorporates features from the company’s legendary Pitch ‘n Time technology, allowing producers to time stretch and change keys while delivering best-in-class sound quality. Sample 2.0’s fast and intuitive features are making it simpler than ever for producers to tap into their creativity when sampling and remixing music.

“Innovation is at the centre of the Serato universe — not only in how we work, but how our community creates.” said Serato Chief Strategy Officer, Nick Maclaren. “Sample 2.0 brings stem separation to everyone’s fingertips, blowing the lid off what’s possible in the sampling space. We’re excited to launch this update, but mostly to see what producers will create with it.”

Serato Sample 2.0 is now available at

Serato Sample was first introduced into the music production space in 2017. The powerful sampling tool with beat and key syncing functionality soon became a staple for renowned, GRAMMY Award-winning and nominated producers such as Metro Boomin, Timbaland, Disclosure and many more. In 2022, Serato introduced Stems technology into its products, first with Serato’s DJ software. In 2023, Stems was introduced into Serato Studio, the ultimate DAW for beat-making and sample-based production. Now, with the integration of Stems into Sample 2.0, producers have the ability to isolate, flip, layer and chop samples effortlessly within their current workflow.

The launch of Serato’s latest music production tool arrives as the music community celebrates the 50th Anniversary of Hip-Hop. Sampling has played a pivotal role in the evolution of the genre, punctuated by a number of technological advances that have taken place over the decades. The introduction of Serato Stems into the already iconic Serato Sample plug-in is set to fuel yet another generation of sample-based hip-hop by unlocking parts of samples that were not previously accessible to producers.

Stay tuned for exciting artist partnerships from Serato coming very soon.


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