Seth Troxler Takes A Dig At Camelphat; Eric Prydz Calls Him Out

seth troxler camelphat - camelgate

Seth Troxler has definitely not been popular for his social media remarks and this time, the line was stretched a little too far, for sure.
The well-known artist took a dig at the EDM duo Camelphat and ridiculed them for their music.

Seth has clearly not been able to take the fact that Camelphat is indeed the best selling artist on Beatport and have even mentioned it on their bio – rightly so. When Seth clearly called that out that their music was more commercialized than exuding the true nature of tech-house or techno, fans and artists in the scene came to Camelphat’s support.

The biggest name that supported the duo was Eric Prydz himself who responded with a few tweets and also said, “show me your recent music that will outlive “Cola” or “Constellations” referring to Camelphat’s successful tracks – OUCH!

Fans also lauded Camelphat for bringing non-commercial music to the commercial scene in a big way.

Called now the Camelgate, this whole thing has seen a lot of people supporting Camelphat. Seth, however, tweeted in defense saying “I think everyone is entitled to an opinion”.

We don’t really think this is a positive sign for music and youngsters who are on their way to success. We need more support, love, and respect for each other and certainly hope Seth realized it too.

Pavan Kumar


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