Several Individuals Come Forward To Share Stories Of Erick Morillo’s Sexual Harassment Behaviour

erick morillo sexual harassment

In August of this year, international DJ Erick Morillo was arrested and charged with the sexual battery of a woman with whom he’d DJ’d on a private island in Miami.

Morillo denied the allegations but turned himself into the police when a rape kit tested positive for his DNA. On September 1st, three days before he was supposed to present himself before the court, Morillo was found dead in his Miami Residence. The cause was later found to be a drug overdose.

Morillo has been open about his drug problem. He has mentioned from time to time that he had a ketamine dependency and that it has extended to lengths that they also had to “slash” a part of his hand due to ketamine toxicity.

Many fans and international DJs mourned his death openly on social media. This led to the open questioning about the heartfelt condolences. Many fans and admirers of various such DJs questioned their intentions as Morillo was known to be a sexual harasser.

Mixmag went a long way and heard many stories from individuals that indicated similar behavior. These stories include trauma, inappropriate sexual behavior, and assault. We suggest our readers proceed with caution.

One of the many stories shared by Mixmag includes a cautionary tale from Anna Chapman, who was working as a Journalist in Ibiza. She mentioned that Morillo made inappropriate sexual advances when she was at a private after-party of a club. Morillo was “really sulky that I wasn’t accepting his advances,” she says. Morillo also blocked her pathway when was making her way out of the bathroom.

“He had this really horrible look on his face and he was laughing and I was kind of trapped by him and it was just me — there was no one else around, they were all outside having fun. And it was just really sinister and horrible,” she says. Chapman said that it gave her chills when she heard about his recent death and rape charges. “It just confirmed that horrible thought that it could have happened to me,” she says.

DJ Empress, who is a master of the drum and bass arts, was brave enough to share her story on her Facebook page. Back when she was working at Satellite Records in New York City, Morillo was a customer she would often see. She wrote that Morillo harassed her over a period of 18 months. “He would come up behind me and rub his dick all over my legs and butt when I was facing the wall putting away records while breathing his hot, wet breath into my ears and whisper perverted sexual things he wanted to do to me,” Empress wrote in her post. She was only 17 at the time. Read the full post here.

Mixmag also spoke with Dave Lambert who signed Reel 2 Real’s “I Like to Move It” to Positiva/EMI in the UK in 1993. He was also one of the first people to witness Morillo’s inappropriate conduct around women. Lambert mentioned that Morillo often took detours in the EMI office and would end up chatting with the female staff. “I sort of picked up by then, as they say, he had an eye for the ladies, which didn’t feel unusual at first but it became a regular occurrence,” says Lambert. “It did get to the point where I was asked by the security in my building, ‘Whenever you’re notified Erick’s here, you need to send someone to reception to get him for whatever meeting he’s coming for because he’s kind of disappearing into the building’”.

Many other stories have been made public by Mixmag with concealed identities. Read the full report here.

Mmkrishna Cherla


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