SFX Entertainment to auction off yet another major asset


First Beatport, now this? Pretty soon we’re gonna hear of an auction for Tomorrowland as well. Good going Sillerman!

SFX Entertainment’s woes continue as the US Bankruptcy Court demands it to sell off yet another major asset, ticketing supplier ‘Flavours’.

SFX acquired Flavorus in 2014 when it was one of the leading suppliers of ticketing services for EDM related events. According to the documents below, Flavours is set to be auctioned off with opening bids acceptance commencing on May 19th. The auction is set to take place on the 23rd of May and the sale hearing on the 26th of May. Opening bids for Beatport will also begin on April 28th for the sale of the company to be finalized on May 5th. That’s right, almost everything SFX has touched in the past few years is soon gonna be auctioned off to (hopefully better &) capable buyers.



Stay tuned for more details on the latest SFX auction.

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