Shaquille O’ Neal Reveals How Much He Gets Paid to DJ at The Largest Festivals Around The World

shaquille o'neal dj diesel

One of the biggest DJ’s in the world, well at least literally, Shaquille O’Neal a.k.a. DJ Diesel has been traveling the world showing his audiences a jolly good time.

When he took to the scene there was surely a fair bit of hesitation on how this would stick, but as he packs venue after venue and plays some of the biggest festival stages around the world, he’s cleared any doubts people had expressed.

One thing that differentiates him from the other celebrity DJ’s like Paris Hilton, Edris Elba, and Kristian Nairn, better known as Hodor from Game Of Thrones, is his back story and guiding force. Shaq has been DJ’ing since the 1988 and even put out his debut album in 1993 which went Platinum the following year!

All that kind of took a backseat through his Basket Ball career innings. The 4-time NBA Champion has been known to be quite the entertainer even when he’s off the court. And in addition to his musical career, he has also been an actor in movies and on television.

Fast forward to 2011 after Shaq retired, he decided to attend Tomorrowland and as he explains that’s where it all began. The music, the adrenaline, the atmosphere – he felt it and knew this was what he wanted to do and he made it happen going back to his DJ’ing ways. In his words, it felt “just like a game 7” to him!

In a recent interview with SiriusXM, Shaq revealed the story of how it all began but also another shocking piece of news – how much he gets paid for these DJ sets.

He said he doesn’t charge anything and in fact does it for “the sport of bass music.” He also deduced the only two things that helped people forget their worries and problems was Sports and Music, saying, “Only time I have seen something like that is at a sporting event, which brought me to the conclusion that no matter what you got going on in your life, stress, problems, whatever. It’s two things that’ll stop everything you’re thinking about negatively – that’s sports and music”

The gem of a DJ said he only does it to spread the joy and see people jump up and down. And he sure is a people’s person. Videos surfaced of Shaq jamming with the crowd at Tomorrowland like it was no big deal, and this warmed our hearts like nothing else. Check it out here.

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