Axwell Drops The 2019 Stockholm Version Of ‘It Gets Better’

swedish house mafia it gets better 2019 version

Earlier this year, when Swedish House Mafia actually shared the news of their upcoming album and dropped their first single since getting back together, fans felt like they had heard the track, but couldn’t quite put a finger to it.

The trio had played what we now know as the ‘Stockholm version’ of ‘It Gets Better’ at their few live outings Pre-Covid. Released in a rather informal way, when a fan on social media requested the Swedes drop the original version, Axwell himself simply replied with a Dropbox link to the track.

shm it gets better

This six-plus minute version from 2019, that the trio used as their intro during the few comeback shows they did, has a completely different flavor than the track they released this year. And with an open forum like social media, fans took it upon themselves to repeatedly demand the Swedes release the original version as well and Axwell obliged.

You can listen to the ‘Stockholm Version’ of ‘It Gets Better’ on Dropbox and download it here.

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