Skrillex Opens Up About How 2022 Was ‘The Toughest Year Of His Life’ And His Mental Health Struggles

skrillex mental health

On his 35th Birthday, Skrillex decided to open up about the last year and some of the struggles he has faced including the death of his mother and the reasons behind him pulling out of his sets for Movement as well as Sunset Music Festival in 2022.

From looking at how he kicked off 2023, only two weeks into the year teasing new albums and dropping new music, it would be hard to tell unless he revealed that 2022 was one of the ‘toughest years’ of Skrillex’s life.

Taking to twitter on his 35th birthday last week, he shared details about how he dealt with mental health struggles through the past year and how he now feels he has found a new sense of peace within. After having been away from the festival circuit for a while, when Skrillex was announced to return to Movement Detroit and Tampa’s Sunset Music Festival last year, fans believed this was the start of his return to the scene, however he shared shortly before both performances that he had to pull out of them to prioritize working on his upcoming albums.

But that wasn’t the case as he has now revealed in a series of tweets, stating that “the truth is I didn’t cancel sunset and movement festival because of my albums. It was because I was working on myself.”

He also shared how he has never fully coped with the passing of his mother a few years back and how he was leaning on drinking the pain away to keep going. Finally however he said that for the first time in 4-5 years he now feels like he has found a new sense of peace and it took so much work and sacrifice to get there.

Summing it up, he tweeted “There’s my bday tweet to you all.. Turing 35 for me was realizing the are certain fucks you should not give , you’ll be more free for that”

Read the entire thread below.

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