Skrillex Scrubs His Instagram Profile Clean Sparking Rumours


Last week, Skrillex scrubbed his Instagram profile almost completely leaving all but 2 posts for his 9million plus followers.

While this isn’t the first time an artist has done this, it has sure been a powerful way of getting a message across. As soon as people started to notice he had done this the rumour mills began running contemplating new music to other major announcements. But almost one week in, we still have heard nothing of it.

Earlier in the year, Skrillex made it all but clear that new music was well on the way in the form of a new album or even so much as albums! This only further rekindled the sparks when he wiped his Instagram profile almost completely. The two posts he left are, one is his collaboration with Ty Dolla $ign, Virtual Riot and Ant Clemons called “You See It” which was in direct support of the Black Lives Matter protests and the racial injustice which has plagued the justice system for decades now. And the second is a clip from a live show from the end of last year.

skrillex instagram profile

The Grammy-nominated artist had another nomination this year for Best Dance Recording “Midnight, Hour,” Skrillex & Boys Noize Featuring Ty Dolla $ign Boys Noize & Skrillex.

Speaking at the Grammys he said, “The thing is with this album, every single of piece music [unintelligible] been what I have right then and there and then it was run and gun. This is the first time I’ve really been taking my time, being precious about a few of these releases. But soon, man. I’m doing some videos, making some content, getting ready for these next records. […] I’ve never sat down and been completely tenacious about one of my releases like this.”

While we have no clue at the moment what this means, we are all eyes and ears and are hoping for all the new Skrillex music we can get, its sure been a minute.

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