Skrillex Teams Up With Bruce Johnston From The Beach Boys And Heavy Mellow In the Studio

new skrillex music

New Skrillex music is always good news. But this time it’s going to be a little more special from the looks of it.

In multiple clips across social media, we see Skrillex teaming up with the OG Bruce Johnston from The Beach Boys and acid R&B producer, Heavy Mellow.

As revealed in a series of Instagram stories shared by a number of people including recording engineer Colt B, Skrillex seemed to be in the studio with not just the iconic Bruce Johnston of The Beach Boys but also fellow musicians Heavy Mellow and Rex Kudo.

While one of the stories shows Johnston “passing the baton” to Skrillex, others go on to show them all grooving to an unreleased work in progress track.

Heavy Mellow also went on to share some of the stories saying “Writing with one of the Beach Boys right now” and another saying “…We just made the most beautiful song ever with one of The Beach Boys.”

Whether this is something that the world will be blessed with soon enough as a full-blown collaborative release or if this was a studio jam session working on something else, still remains to be seen. Regardless of what it is, we can’t wait to hear more of it!

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