Skrillex Teams Up With The Zac Brown Band For A Unique Crossover!

zac brown skrillex collaboration

Skrillex has been one artist who has gone beyond the limits of just the dance music arena and explored new breakthroughs in music production itself.

His incredible reputation and gripping music have enabled him to collaborate with the likes of artists like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber (Jack Ü), TroyBoi and more.

Now, the dubstep master has announced a collaboration with Zac Brown Band and we’ll see his irresistible music permeate the space of country music. While the details available regarding the track are faint, it is clear that the track will be out as part of the band’s upcoming album, The Owl. It will be out on the 20th of September, pre-order here.

Zac Brown Band is also not new to collaborations and has worked with Avicii in 2015 on “Broken Arrows”.

The success of this collaboration is imminent and one can draw parallels of this track to Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road”. This country rap has created a wave that no one imagined and recently became the all-time longest-running Billboard No 1.

Are we looking at a new trend emerging as this decade comes to a close? Let us know what you think.

Pavan Kumar


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