SoundCloud Releases Resources To Aid the Creator Community During Covid-19

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Covid-19 or the novel Coronavirus as it is called, has lashed a harsh toll on the music industry just like it has on what we know as daily life in general.

While Festival season as we know it for the year would have kicked off today with Ultra Music Festival Miami, all we are left with is virtual live streams to keep us going.

As COVID-19 continues to impact the music community with artists facing canceled festivals and tours, derailed releases, halted studio sessions, and beyond, the entertainment industry is facing a hit of millions through this pandemic. With most things either getting seriously postponed by months, if not just getting canceled for the year altogether.

In doing their bit for the community of creators, SoundCloud plans on providing a number of resources to support and inspire the community during this time. Via SoundCloud’s blog and social platforms, they pan to continuously release updates for creators and provide access to an updated variety of educational content featuring discussions and expert tips on the best ways to keep creating, engaging, and earning.

The first blog of the series highlights how to stay connected with your fanbase during a time when nearly everything is canceled or postponed. The blog on “7 ways to stay connected with your fans during COVID-19,” breaks down seven easy and immediate ways to cultivate virtual relationships and keep fans engaged. It also includes tips on using the platform to aid online collaborations, ideas for uploading additional content and boosting engagement, as well as ways to increase revenue streams.

The points they list include –

1. Reach out to your top fans
2. Release b-sides
3. Collaborate with peers
4. Share live versions of your music
5. Upload Behind the Scenes content
6. Tease your next project
7. Set up alternate revenue streams

From ideas like starting a podcast to sharing your Merch store on socials, not all the tips might be relevant and will depend on what level in their career the artist is. But there are points which remain relevant and helpful to no matter where in your musical journey you are. They also go on to highlight how an artist can use SoundCloud Pro to connect with new fans and to join the direct monetization program or use SoundCloud Premier to start promoting their music to new fans on SoundCloud, sending it to every major music service, and getting paid for plays everywhere.

In addition to these resources, the CEO of SoundCloud Kerry Trainor directly reached out to the community of creators and highlighted the ways they are looking to help out in these trying times.

1. A constantly updated resource guide to help you keep creating and building your career

The Keep the Music Going Guide which is now live will be a source for daily updates on the best resources to support the artists’ careers and maintain their well-being.

2. SoundCloud + Twitch live-streaming partnership

In a partnership with Twitch, they are working to fast-track SoundCloud Pro, SoundCloud Premier and Repost by SoundCloud creators directly to Twitch Affiliate status so creators can start earning money from Twitch streams, instantly.

3. 50% off SoundCloud Pro Unlimited subscriptions

Today through Monday, March 30th SoundCloud is offering their biggest-ever discount on their premium creator subscription plan, Pro Unlimited.

4. Live creator office hours with SoundCloud’s artist relations and marketing teams

Beginning next week, the SoundCloud team will go live to host real-time discussions, AMAs and workshops to keep creators moving forward no matter where in ones career these artists are. More details will be announced about this via their social channels (@SoundCloud).

They are also urging music-lovers, to show their support towards artists by visiting their merch store, purchasing their music, and purely showing their love via plays and comments more than ever at a tough time like right now.

Read the entire blog post here.

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