Soundcloud removes silent track for copyright infringement


Congratulations Soundcloud! You just took down a track with absolutely no sound in it for copyright infringement! This has to be the last straw…

So Soundcloud just removed a track with 4 minutes of complete silence off its service because of a ‘copyright infringement’. The reason? Its SOUNDCLOUD!

Instead of searching uploaded content for copyright material, which is expensive and takes a decent amount of CPU power, Soundcloud has officially resorted into cutting that process out entirely and beginning to flag content based on… the track title. Crawling uploaded content is an essential process to validating copyright claims, but also costs a good amount of money to run. Instead of paying to keep music protected from false copyright claims, Soundcloud has taken the easy way out and now will remove your music just based on the title of the track.

Take D.J. Detweiler’s example. D.J. uploaded a silent track titled, John Cage – 4’33. Now that is actually the name of a popular orchestral performance that consists of exactly 4 minutes and 33 seconds of silence. Yep and this is what D.J. got next…

Honestly, its Soundcloud, and we’ve stopped caring. But removing a completely silent track is pushing it.

Khushrav Bhada
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