Microsoft reveals new Spotify add-in feature for Skype Insider

spotify add-in skype

Earlier today Microsoft announced that Skype Insider will now have access to a brand new feature i.e. the Spotify add-in.

While the feature is going to be rolled out to all the users of Skype Insider in stages within the United States beginning today, all the other Skype Insider users across the globe need not worry as the Spotify add-in will be rolling out all over the world in a couple of weeks.

spotify add-in skype insider

While it is unclear on how many users are present on Skype Insider from the United States alone, Skype has grown to be a community between, friends, family, colleagues and more. The old versions of Skype were heavy and would normally lead to too many call drops. However, the Skype insider app is lighter and allows you to connect with your community faster.

What will the Spotify add-in feature add to the experience of Skype Insider? The new feature will let Skype users share the songs they love with their friends and colleagues. Users can also preview these songs before sharing them on the Skype Insider application.

To simply break it down, you need to open a chat, launch the Skype Add-in panel from the + icon and select the Spotify add-in to your chat.

Skype Insider

Besides just previewing and sharing music, Spotify add-in will allow users to search for songs in addition to artists and albums. Users will be able to play music on Spotify as well. The Skype team is always open to feedback, so, if you find the new add-in causing a  glitch, share it with Skype support. Perhaps, once the Skype insider has tried and tested the add-in feature with Spotify smoothly, the feature will also roll out to all the Skype users.

Earlier this year, Skype also launched a TripAdvisor and Stub Hub add-ins which essentially aimed at helping users plan events and trips. The add-ins also allowed users to see how many tickets are available for an event of their choice.

Skype Insider seems to be making varied tools available to its users. You can now book tickets for an event you want to go to at a price point you prefer; and also hear, play and share your favorite music with your friends and colleagues with the Spotify add-in. So, be patient if you don’t see the new Spotify add-in right away, it will be rolled out soon. Don’t forget to tell us how you like the new Spotify add-in, once you have used it!

Paridhi Bhatiya


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