Spotify and Hulu’s 5$ bundle now includes a Showtime subscription


Spotify announced a bundle with Hulu for college students at $5 a month, last year. It makes us want to go back to school, doesn’t it? It has been a year since that deal, but Spotify is sweetening it further by improving the deal. They are adding a Showtime subscription to the old deal at no additional charge.

Spotify’s premium plan for students just turned into a great deal. All college students above the age of 18 years in the US, will now have access to Spotify premium for students. The best part is, if you have never signed up before, you can get the first three months for just $0.99 a month. But, if you already have a student account on Spotify, all you have to do is, simply log in to add Showtime to your package.

Showtime subscription

One of the smart things to do right from the beginning was adding Hulu to the bundle. This made it a no-brainer for college students to get Spotify premium. However, adding Showtime to the mix makes the package even more attractive. To give you a monthly cost perspective, a standard Spotify premium plan costs $10 a month while Hulu’s commercial plan is $8 a month along with Showtime charging a handsome $11 a month to access live streaming channels and on-demand content. So simply put with the $5 bundle every student has a $24 savings on a monthly, and $288 savings on a yearly basis. Now that is a game changer for all college students.

Perhaps an even more interesting fact is that, with the Spotify bundle, Showtime now costs half of what HBO would cost for students. This move will help accelerate the growth of subscribers on the premium channel over to being the top service.

Alex Norström, Spotify’s chief premium business officer said “The partnership has been an overwhelming success for us, and for Hulu as well. We’re always trying to find creative solutions to add value back to our premium customers, especially via partnerships, and our focus is on the long-term relationship with each subscriber. If we do the right thing, they reward us with loyalty.”

This is also an excellent opportunity for Showtime to get in front of, and lock the new generation and lock the potential premium subscribers. The Showtime COO Tom Christie said “We had to figure out ways to get into a place where kids could stream us easily, There’s no other brand out there today that’s been more successful in setting up streaming business on campus than Spotify”

We won’t be surprised to hear more bundle deals coming up in the future. Given the increasing number of streaming services and the rise in the number of streaming platforms, there are always going to be innovative ways to get consumers hooked onto a service. Showtime’s CEO also adds to this by saying, “And there are conversations now with more and more of these internet partners about ‘how do we simplify the consumer experience?’ And bundling certainly is a topic of conversation, and I think that will only become more intense as the years go by.”

Well, college students are definitely the new potential premium customers. What kind of bundle deal are you looking forward to from Spotify? Tell us below!

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