Here’s why Spotify’s launch in India has been delayed

spotify india launch delayed

Not too long ago, the news about Spotify’s India entry created a huge buzz and got a lot of stakeholders excited.

The earlier news that Spotify would hit the Indian shores by January 2019 has proven to be insignificant as the launch is now moved to the end of March.

Spotify has been in talks with T-Series for quite a long time in order to partner and release itself in India. The deal is however on, but the last-minute negotiations, customization to the Indian audience and few other things are making fans wait longer.

Even the closed-door meeting that Spotify had invited a few journalists for, on the 30th of January, never happened. However, there’s a huge possibility that it may come out in March according to sources.

The music platform will also have a Spotify Lite version which will help the users of low-end phones, which comprises a large chunk of the Indian masses. All said and done, it’s an extended wait for the fun to unfold. Stay tuned for more updates!

Pavan Kumar


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