Spotify opens office in India; might launch services in the country soon


We live in an era where the availability of internet and technology have made us rely on our streaming services for music on our fingertips. Consumers in the Indian market are spoilt for choice with multiple services available such as Apple Music, Saavn and Gaana to name a few. However, one of the biggest players in the music streaming service industry, Sweden based Spotify has been missing on the sub-continent.

According to reports, the streaming giant has opened its office in Mumbai as per documents submitted to Ministry of Corporate Affairs. Although the setting up of their office in India shows signs that they are ready for business here, it is still not sure as to when Spotify will finally start offering its services in India.

The main challenge that Spotify will face in India is in terms of offering local and regional content. In this particular section, native players such as Gaana and Saavn have the competitive advantage. As a matter of fact, even Apple music is doing a good job in terms of their local content offering. But, the opening of a local office shows signs that Spotify might have some plans to tackle this particular challenge.

For Indians who have lived abroad for a while and used Spotify, seeing the Swedish music streaming service in India would be a moment of joy. As of Decemeber 2017, Spotify has 70 million subscribers when compared to Apple Music’s 30 million paid users and Gaana 50 million monthly active users.

Our fingers are crossed for the services to launch soon.

What streaming service do you currently use? And, are you looking forward to the launch of Spotify in India? Let us know below.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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  1. Thats a great news. I have been using Spotify since a year and i have to log in through my Brother’s account who live in Uk. Waiting for the service to start soo . I have seen people in India struggling for Spotify. So i think it gonna be an amazing move to get Spotify streaming in India

  2. Hey Rajiv,

    If you read the BGR report the story was broken by us at Killer Features with my byline. Would appreciate if you change the source

  3. I have been using Saavn Pro for more than 3 years on my Android device. They have all the songs that I want to hear and also help me discover new music. I am familiar with their UI. I doubt if many of us on the subcontinent who are familiar with already existing apps would want to move to any other platform.


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