Spotify Introduces Instagram Like Feature – ‘Storyline’

Spotify Storyline

Spotify Storyline

Spotify has launched the beta phase of its own story feature called ‘Storyline’.

The stories format is already growing increasingly popular with Snapchat, Instagram and WhatsApp. Checkout SoftGoza to learn how to download these apps in simpler steps.

Spotify is not simply calling it stories and has also added a unique feature. It allows the sharing of insights by artists amongst their fans along with their music.

Setting itself apart with an additional feature where artists can communicate with their listeners through a series of cards, this is the second feature Spotify has built with pop-up cards after ‘Behind the Lyrics’. While Behind the lyrics suffered flak for showcasing the wrong lyrics to a few users, we are hoping Storyline will reveal itself to be more thought through.

If you are witnessing Storyline on Spotify, then you are a part of the test group, and you will be able to see an indicator at the bottom of your screen that alerts you when there is new content to be viewed. The stories will include text images and lyrics.

spotify storyline

spotify storyline

spotify storyline

Right now, no artist manager or agency can contribute to Storyline directly. But, there is definitely an expectation that artists will have their own dashboard in the future to customize the engagement they want to create.

When Storyline launches completely, Spotify will be creating original content with its stories, an area that Spotify has not fared well in the past. With this feature, they are reaching out to the younger audience that understands and regularly uses stories on apps like Facebook and Instagram.

The news broke on Android police first, and they were able to find stories under Jonas Brothers’ Sucker and several songs by Billie Eilish – bad guy, bury a friend, when the party’s over, wish you were gay.

Spotify has definitely confirmed that it is testing storyline. Adding to that they said, they are always testing new features to create better experiences for their users.

While we wait for Spotify to announce when they would be rolling this feature out for everyone, if you are in the testing segment, tell us how you like this new feature. And if you’re an artist, you can also look to buy more plays.

Paridhi Bhatiya


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