Spotify Launches Playlists Catered to Pets


Here’s a way you can feel a little less guilty about leaving your bushy-tailed little one alone at home.

Spotify announced that they can now generate playlists catered to pets based on their personality.

The generator starts by making you pick a pet that is currently limited to a dog, cat, hamster, bird or iguana. You can then pick specifics like if the pet is relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly and lastly on a scale from apathetic to curios. You can then upload a picture and add the pet’s name before the algorithms use a mixture of the owners’ taste in music combined with the personality traits of the pet to generate a curated playlist.

With interesting stats like 69% owners sing to their pets and 71% play music specifically for their pets, Spotify also found out 1 in 5 pet owners names their pets based on a music artist or a group. So while the ties are strong, music also helps pets relieve their stress, boost their happiness and basically just keeps them company as well.

spotify for pets playlists

In addition to these curated playlists, Spotify also has a podcast called “My Dog’s Favorite Podcast” which is meant to be an audio experience meant to calm and reassure your dog with a combination of specially commissioned music and the soothing voices of Ralph Ineson and Jessica Raine. Running in two sperate episodes which are 5 hours long, there are also ambients sounds like rain in addition to the relaxing music and human voices.

As mentioned by CNN, Neil Evans, an animal physiologist and professor at the University of Glasgow who worked with Spotify to develop the podcast, said providing dogs with “auditory enrichment” could help them to achieve a more “relaxed physiological state.”

So who are you and your pet going to be jamming out to today?

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